1. You Can Keep Momentum and Visibility Going While Other Networks Sleep

It is revealed that when Twitter’s engagement is at its highest, Facebook’s is at its lowest. This can help you keep the ball rolling from social network to social network, to suit different segments of your audience, customers, partners, and yourself too!

 With Facebook Insights for Facebook and TweetWhen for Twitter tools one can monitor when unique audience hits the highs and lows on both networks.

HINT: With Twitalyzer - a heavy-duty suite of metric analysis tools - you can have more heavy duty metric analysis of your audience, customers and partners.

The best way to figure out the optimum time for your audience, is getting into the habit of being there in person, seeing who’s online at the same time and who responds to your Tweets, or mentions you.
Learning when your ideal audience is actively tweeting in real-time will gain you more business advantage than all the automated pre-posting services in the world.

2. Create Special Twitter Landing Pages for Your Business.

Twitter restricts tweets to just 140 characters. But you can create a special landing page for your business. Whet your readers’ appetite with a powerful or intriguing tweet; then “finish” the conversation on your Twitter landing page. A nice trick right?

It can be a blog post, a link to sign up for a free offer or any number of things, but customize your landing as a special welcoming page for visitors from Twitter.

3. Easily Search for Your Business Name - (Your personal name too, if you’re branding yourself.)

Use Twitter Advanced Search if you want to search for something specific. It’s a lightning-quick way to find out what people are saying about you and/or your business.
You can also instantly check out retweets and mentions to see:
Who mentioned you in a tweet
Who retweeted your own tweets
Who favorited your tweets, etc.

Checking which tweets get retweeted is a highly accurate way to instantly find out what sort of content or topic your audience likes the most.

 4. Increase Efficiency by Using Twitter Lists

You can increase efficiency by cutting down the time you spend on Twitter even more by using lists to follow specific people and topics. You’ll get everyone you want all in one focused stream. 

Creating a Twitter list isn’t complicated, its quite easy to do so. Follow the following steps: 

1. Simply click the “cog” icon beside your Profile photo. Then select “Lists” from the drop-down menu

2. You can then create your list

HINT: Don’t just create one list, however – create several.

5. Twitter Testimonials on your Website

You can embed twitter testimonials on your website. Hey! You don’t even have to ask for permission. Here are the steps to embed testimonials on your site:

Dedicate your “Favorites” function to only favoriting testimonial-like tweets that show your business in a great light. (“Bookmark” everything else you would normally have favorited.)
Add a Twitter widget to your website: By default these widgets are used to display your latest tweets… but since you’re going to select the Favorites tab, and only save testimonials using your Favorites feature, your website will scroll through your selection of tweet testimonials instead.

Free Advice Here (lol)

There are a million and one ways to use Twitter for business, but these top ten tips have been proven to be among more effective and popular among big business around the world. 

A trial will convince you. Try something new in your tweets – and be sure to track the difference. 

I believe this article has helped you in learning a bit more in successfully using Twitter for business promotion, viral traffic drive and customer engagement. 
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