When you are pitching a journalist to write about your mobile app, shorter emails perform better. But if your email should only be a few sentences, what’s the best way to share more information? Include a link to a press kit.

A press kit’s purpose is to make it easy for a journalist to write about your app. Imagine a tech journalist’s life. They are getting contacted many times a day by different app developers for the same reason. If they can't find information about your app, they might lose motivation and write about another app instead. Avoid that scenario by creating a single place where they can access everything needed to write about your app.
A good press kit for a mobile app includes a description, screenshots, a company logo, an app icon, an app profile, and a contact email.
  • Description - Have two versions, a one sentence version and a paragraph version. For example, please see Apples vs Robots' press kit.
  • Screenshots - Have a variety of screenshots showcasing your app. You can take this a step further by including screenshots of your app in real-world scenarios, where a person is shown using your app. For example, please see Timely’s press kit.
  • Company Logo - Have your company logo available in different sizes, resolutions, color (dark and light) versions. For example, please see Supercell’s media page.
  • App Icon - Same advice as a company logo applies here.
  • App Profile - Have information about the app’s release date, platform availability, price, links to app store listings, and sales performance data. For example, please see Apples vs Robots' press kit.
  • Contact Email - Have a contact email address, which a journalist can use to reach out with questions.

About the Author: Murtza Manzur is a developer evangelist at InMobi based out of San Francisco.

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