The Intel® XDK development system enables software developers to develop, test, preview and deploy HTML5 web and hybrid apps. To get started, you must first download and install the Intel XDK application onto your Linux*, Microsoft Windows* or Apple OS X* development system.

Intel XDK gets new version.

New Features:

Project Tab Crosswalk* Updates:

In the Projects tab: Build Settings, added a new option to the Android-Crosswalk section that lets you select between shared mode and embedded mode for the Crosswalk* runtime. See Choosing Crosswalk* Build Options: Shared or Embedded for information on choosing the correct option for your apps.

    Couple of caution notes with Crosswalk shared-mode:

 First, like the new system WebView in Android* 5.x, updates to Crosswalk may be downloaded automatically by the Google Play* services if there are newer versions available. You should test your app regularly with new versions of Crosswalk as they are released if you chose the shared mode option. In some cases, you might instead choose to stay with the embedded option.
Second, because this feature relies on the end-user’s device having Google Play installed, shared mode is not appropriate if you are distributing your app through other Android app stores.

App Designer Updates:

  •   Added support for Framework 7*.
  •   Framework 7 is an Apple iOS*-themed framework that includes infinite scrolling, pull to refresh and a number of new touch based widgets.
  •  Even though the framework is designed for iOS, you can build it into apps running on all other platforms as well.

Editor Updates:

JavaScript* code hinting is extended to support APIs documentation and display more information, such as parameters and return types.
  •     Code hints definitions for App Security API v1.2.
  •     Brackets* built-in editor is updated to version 1.3.
  •     The Brackets extensions catalog is updated to support extension's new versions.

Game Asset Manager Updates:

There are added support for importing audio and video assets. This support includes a code-snippet generator that allows you to copy-paste the code needed to add the audio or vidwo asset to your app project.
Many audio and video formats can now be imported into Game Asset Manager, which can generate code snippets specific to the game engine for that project. To use audio and video formats on devices, the devices need to provide the needed CODECs. The supported audio file formats for previewing an asset in Game Asset Manager are .oga/.ogg and .wav, and the supported preview video format is .ogv. See theAudio and  Video Asset Support in the Game Asset Manager document for more details.

App Security API Featured Plugin Update:

Updated to version 1.2.0

Intel introduces a new secure transport API that establishes a secure channel with backend to protect data integrity and confidentiality over the web without any crypto/key management effort from the developer.

Intel XDK API plugins are now available as Cordova plugins

The intel.xdk namespace plugins have been recast as Cordova plugins and can be found in the GitHub repo.
 It is recommended that you use a "legacy" intel.xdk API only if there is no alternative in the form of a core Cordova or third-party plugin. For details, see the Intel XDK Namespace Cordova Plugin API Detailsdoc page.

Culled From Intel XDK Website

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