How do you cope with the situation when your android phone can't read the SD card? To help you solve this problem, I have listed some common situations below. You can figure out what the reason is and which solution is best to resolve the issue.

Possibility 1: Your SD Card is Dirty

A majority of android users don't care too much about maintaining their phones. This may cause harm to their SD card more or less because the mental part of the SD card would be stuck by dust which will result in the bad contact between the SD card and the SD card slot.


Check if there are some specks, dirt or spots on the metal part of the SD card. If there are, you can use methylated spirit, alcohol or the water to clean it and then dry it.

Possibility 2: The Card Slot is Extruded

Nowadays, phones become more and more thin and the designs of the card slot are very ingenious. If the battery of your phone is not the original, it may extrude your card slot because of its thickness.


Use the original battery to try if the problem solved.

Possibility 3: The Metal Wires of the Card Slot Get Rusting or Distort

Many SD card supports hot plug. To pull or plug the SD card too frequently will cause the problem that the metal wire of the SD card card slot to be excessive distorted, eroded or rusting.


Check carefully if the metal wire of the card slot is rusting or curving. If it is curving, poke the metal wire down with the needle. If it is rusting, what you need is just to clean it with alcohol.

Possibility 4: Your SD Card is Infected by Virus

There are many viruses hidden in software or games in some unverified app markets. If your SD card has been infected by virus, it is quite possible that your SD card can't be read by your phone. It happens.


Connect your phone to the computer with the card reader. Clean your SD card with the antivirus program. If the SD card still unreadable, you should try formatting your SD card. That alone is the last resort.

Possibility 5: The SD card was Damaged

To judge if your SD card is damaged, you can connect your SD card to the computer with the card reader. if it doesn't show up, well, sorry, its damaged.


I am sorry to hear that and I am afraid that you'd better buy another one. Yeah, it wont cost you a life savings. lol.

Possibility 6: Faulty Phone/Device

As you use your android phone, there may be something wrong with your phone as well. This also may be the cause the SD card cant be readable/mounted.


Though this happens not too frequently, it is still possible that SD card unreadable is cause by the mobile phone. If your phone is under this state, you'd better have it repaired or BUY A NEW ONE! 

I HOPE this solves your problem. If it doesnt work, feel free to contact us via the comment box.
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