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Description of K2: Blogger templates Ecommerce Catalogspot K2 is the second version of Blogger Template Catalogspot shopping cart. Catalogspot K2 is more simple and has a slide image features, using Flexslider Juery plugin, and combined with CSS3 animations. Silhakan see demo template through the following link:

If you are interested in using this template please download instantly, and here's how this optimization Catalogspot Blogger Template. How to Install the Template

For how to install it simple.

Unzip the file Catalog blogger template that you have downloaded

Log into Blogger Template page, and then click EDIT HTML

Open the XML file with the K2 Catalogspot HTML Editor such as Notepad + + for Windows or extWrangler for Mac.

Then copy all template code and paste into the EDIT HTML Blogger

Click the Save Template Setting Checkout

For Paypal account settings you need to EDIT HTML and find the following code:

<script type='text/javascript'> / / <! [CDATA [ / * ---------------------------- SIMPLE CART SETTING ----------------------------- * / simpleCart ({ checkout: { type: "PayPal", email: " " } }); / /]]> </ Script>
replace the email address with your paypal account email address.

Format Post

For this template, each post or entry must use the post format are available, so that this template works with a maximum.

<div class="item_image"> <Img border = "0" class = "item_thumb" src = " Your_Image-Url.jpg "/> <span class="item_price"> $ 0.00 </ span> </ div> <div class="item_Description"> Some description text for your items here! </ div>
That need to be replaced is the picture as a preview of your item, price and description of the item your item. after you replace everything you copy the code and paste in post editor, click HTML Tobol on the left above the post editor before you enter the above code. and that the width of the image is more than 700px

Creating Page View Cart

Open the PAGES page in your blog dashboard,

Click the New Page Then Click New Blank

Once open click Post HTML editor and copy and paste the following code

<div class="simpleCart_items"> </ div>

Click the Publish button

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