1. Customizing The Template To Suit You Blog Content (Cost: $ 50.00 US). 

Like you download any of my template and you want to have some modifications in it to suit your blog content or want some extra widgets like gallery or slider or other small changes in template layout.I will do it for you.



2. Convert PSD / JPG / GIF to Blogger Layout (Cost: $ 100.00 US) 

If you are good designer and have images of your own to use in layout and don't know how to code them.The no need to worry just give me all your images to be used in template and i will make an beautiful layout out of it.

3. Design an New Template For You (Cost: $ 150.00 US) 

 Its time to get professionals.So you need to get design an new blogger template for you, to make you help in earn from blogging.As design is the key to success.So you are at right place to start off.Just let us know what exactly you want in your design and i will
do it for you.

4. Theme Conversion (Cost: $ 50.00 US - $ 150.00 US)

If you like any wordpress theme or any css template and think of using it on your blog.No need to worry, just let us know about the theme.We will do it for you.And cost for converting that theme to blogger varies,depending on the complexity of the design.

For using any of the above services You can contact us at:-,

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