Loyal readers, visitors and subscribers form the backbone of a blog. Social Share can help engage visitors but has a limited strong effect on the readers. PunchTab Loyalty Rewards is a magical one to engage readers and have them coming back often and on to get POINTS.

These points are won by Plus1-ing, Facebook-liking and Tweeting a post or the website/blog.

Making that loyalty a rewarding experience can do wonders to your blog's reputation as well as its traffic. The first thoughts about these so called "Loyalty Program" might be about their hefty costs but here PunchTab comes into the picture. It provides free loyalty programs for blog owners which can be easily integrated and can be really beneficial if used correctly.

What is PunchTab

It is an instant loyalty platform that allows blog owners and website owners to create loyalty program for free in minutes. Using it you can integrate a reward program for your readers without any hassles of costs or coding, engaging the readers in getting points for liking (Facebook), plus1-ing (Google+), tweeting (Twitter) and Commenting on posts and updates on the Blog.

How it Works

PunchTab requires that user to authenticate through Facebook to enroll into the loyalty program. After that they can start earning reward points for the following activities:

Visiting – for their first visit to your site every day your users will earn 100 points

Liking your content– for their first Like on your site every day your users will earn 100 points

Tweeting your content – for their first Tweet on your site every day your users will earn 100 points

Google +1 your content – for their first Google +1 on your site every day your users will earn 100 points
Commenting – for their first comment of the day your users will earn 100 points
After they reach a certain points level, they can select a coupon from the catalog and redeem their points.

Is it Free?

Hell yes !! , the default catalog which contains three coupons (Including Amazon gift card) is absolutely free But in case you decide that these rewards don't meet your goals ,then you are free to make a Custom catalog which contains rewards of your choice and at the points
of your choice. In custom catalog you have option to add your own actions for which points are given like following a account, voting for a poll,etc

How Do I integrate it into my Blog

1. Go to and sign up with a valid email and blog address. (You have to confirm that email ,but you can do that later.)
2. After that you will be redirected to a page asking whether you want to create a Loyalty Program or a One time Giveaway.
Select the loyalty program option.
3. Now you will be asked to choose your platform, Choose Blogger and continue.
4.Click on "Install Loyalty program".
5.Again click on the Install PunchTab button and you will be redirected to Blogger for adding the Widget. After you have added the widget successfully, you will see a ribbon on your Blog named "Rewards"
6. Now click on the Reward ribbon and become the first Loyal reader of your own blog after authenticating yourself through Facebook.

Click Link to see a Demo of what the Reward Stuff looks like:

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