Hi Dear Readers, I happened on this some weeks ago and I bet its been fun. Applied it to our sister blog Prose & Poetry Hood. I'm talking about Get Site Control Widgets for Blogger Blogs. Fresh, Smooth, Less Laggy, Cool UI widgets for your blogger blog. 
Listed below are the SIX Major Widgets they have to offer. With six different widgets  available to you there are so many possibilities that it may be hard to decide what to begin with. GetSiteControl want to help make your blog the talk of the town. Here are some real-life examples of how you can use GetSiteControl to improve your website’s visitor engagement and user experience and also increase conversion rates.
Add an exit survey to your websiteAnnounce sales and discounts
Get more newsletter subscribersCollect user feedback on your site
Promote your social media profilesCreate widgets in any language
Now you've seen it all, what are you waiting for? Why not try these cool features right now? Click Button Below!
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