Yes, now you can import your own customized template into Instapage Landing Page Creator. This Template Importer can import any landing page in less than two minutes, turning it into a perfectly mirrored template.WYCIWYG!!!

With their drag and drop Page Builder, it is easy to create a landing page without waiting on web designers,  and everyone else every time you needed a new page. Instapage Template Importer,  makes it easier than ever to create beautiful, compelling landing pages fast.

How To Use The Instapage Template Importer

With the Template Importer, you’re only three steps and two minutes away from total landing page domination.
  1. Click “Create a New Page” in your Instapage Dashboard and select “Template Importer” from the popup box.
  2. Enter the web address of the landing page you want to copy and click “Import.”
  3. Rejoice.
Seriously. That’s it.
In flip seconds, Instapage will copy all of the design and content from your page to its servers and rebuild it as a template for your landing page. You can edit and customize any of the elements on your page, as usual, and then publish it to the platform of your choice.

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