WordPress has come a long way from the boring old 2.0+ version to the much more optimized and streamlined version you see today. With the 4.0 update, WordPress greatly improved the media experience for users, along with other performance improvements. WordPress continues its rapid stream of updates, and has announced that WordPress 4.1 is now available. It boasts of many new features.
This latest version of WordPress is code-named 'Dinah' in honor of the singer Dinah Washington. Publicly available for download or update directly through the dashboard, this version focuses on enhancing the writing experience for users, along with performance improvements and other features.

Editor improvements

Focus has made in this update to improve the writing experience. So now there's a new distraction-free mode to help you concentrate on writing content. This mode automatically triggers when you start typing, and anything that's not necessary simply fades away and then automatically returns when you stop writing.

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