In a world that operates between online and offline world, marketing too is a ‘victim’ of such manner. It often happens that there are teams within one same company that each deal with different strategies and launching campaigns – one for online and the other for offline marketing.

Truth is, the customer does not really see this but they focus on a brand itself and see it as series of continual content. Still, the advertising world has expanded so much that nowadays customers cross multiple marketing channels within an hour; adds are there through social media campaigns, kiosk ad, print promotions.

So, with all this advertising, customers tend to get confused. Research shows that an average customer spends about 30 seconds or less absorbing digital content. Other consumers find it important to have purchase choices both offline and online.

Seamless Brand Presence

For a long period of time individual needs have been overshadowed by popular campaigning; fortunately, businesses now understand that not every customer has same trigger spots which is why forward-thinking marketers are using tools to create a consistent brand experience between their print, social, mobile and Web campaigns. Doing things this way provides a pretty thorough insight into how each channel, strategy and campaign influences one another.

In order to have stronger interaction between offline and online channels, marketers can benefit from the feeling of a seamless brand presence. Basically, what’s needed is a marketing system that will integrate print advertising with digital marketing and offline display promotions.

The system is not about inventing some new outrageous strategy; it is about using all that you already have to strengthen and intensify both conversion and reach. And how is one to do this? Simple – through creating a loop of activation that will multiply the ROI of your efforts.

How? This way:

Find a way to drive your Offline Customers to your Online Programs & vice versa
Be hip and trendy. Ask yourself: what’s hot and happening now? Networks are! So:
Supply an official hashtag that will be included in your print or TV ads. This way, offliners will check out the conversations on social media. The hashatag will be shared with speakers, attendees, vendors, which give you the opportunity to respond to questions and conversations related to the event as well as track and influence them.

Calls-to-action can direct viewers to online programs. Unique tracking URLs can be a good way to drive leads to online promotions. QR codes on kiosks, too.
Digital marketing may cause a boost for events, trade shows, and basically any offline venues

Making an impact

The most important element when working on merging your offline and online programs is to be RELEVANT!
If you insert some creative assets into the content you are presenting, you are getting the opportunity to launch promotions that are powerful on both regional and local levels. The key is to use proper tools to collect rich segmentation data. This way you can use all gathered information to target certain customers with campaigns that speak to their goals and challenges.

The point of connecting online marketing with the offline one is connecting offline and online marketing activities is about more than strengthening brand presence. It’s about leveraging your assets and the existing brand capital in order to make a powerful impact.

Leana Thorne is a devoted blogger and a regular contributor to several blogs. She enjoys sharing newly found information, loves writing and is always happy to be of help. Still is learning a lot about life on the Internet, importance of proper promotion and following every valuable tip there is.
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