Amazon have been using their EC2 cloud for providing a number of different types of services to the end users, individuals or, more often, companies. They have a number of services they can provide, including computing and networking services, storage and content delivery network, database, analytics as well as deployment and management services. However, this article will focus on some of their more popular application services, which usually provide businesses with access to different applications, without having to upgrade their infrastructure, or hire IT staff responsible for updating the apps and maintaining them.

Amazon AppStream

A relatively new service, which allows app developers to host their apps in Amazon’s cloud and distribute them to end users through convenient clients. The apps use the cloud’s resources to run, so hardware constraints are eliminated, and the fact that the app is centralized means that users of different platforms can easily access it through the platform specific client. This also means that it is much easier to update the app, and that it will be made available to a much larger group of users than it otherwise would.

Amazon Cloud Search

This fully managed service allows you to easily add search capability to your website, without having to have an intimate knowledge of how search works, or how to implement it. You can create a database of searchable data, which will be used as the source for ensuing searches, and you don’t have to worry about the scaling as the volume of data increases, as it is automatically scaled. Likewise, since the cloud’s resources are used, you don’t have to worry about modifying your infrastructure.

Amazon Simple Email Service

This service provides with a transactional and bulk emailing solution, that is not only easy to implement, but that is perfectly scalable, and for the most part, managed by the provider. Organizations that need to deal with bulk mailing know just how demanding this aspect of their business can be. Apart from some of them modifying their infrastructure to cover the needs of such a system, software requirements can be quite high as well. Dealing with third party providers of similar solution can also be somewhat complicated, which is why Amazon takes a huge part in the management of all your requirements, without demanding too much of your time.

Amazon Simple Workflow Service

Another service aimed at app developers, SWF allows them to easily coordinate tasks and perform state management for their running apps. This includes data base creation, automating business processes, managing your cloud infrastructure services, and doing a number of other things that will make your life easier. Like other apps on the list, this one is distinguished by its scalability and the number of convenient options it provides you with.

Amazon Simple Notification Service

SNS allows you to easily allow your iPhone, Android or other mobile device to give you cloud notifications, either by using push messages, or, if you prefer, with a text message. The service is very easy to set up, and allows you to constantly stay in the loop when it comes to your notifications, even when you don’t have access to your PC.

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