Are you looking for a fast and elegant web browser for your phone?
You now have the latest version of UC Browser 9.6 for Android.

UC Browser 9.6 for Android has many features that make it really standout such as: the possibility of selection on the home page of quick access links divided on various topics.

The “Easy Downloading Mode” feature is the new and exciting feature, which makes its users have access to the latest resources. Users can download various resources that under the “Easy Downloading Mode” are grouped on a web page in a list, which allows you to pick and download the content you want.

If you use high-end tablets and smartphones, UC Web boasts that the new UC Browser 9.6 for Android app will increases the power of their devices, with the new hardware acceleration feature that help online graphics and speed up browsing.
This feature is available only for devices with 2 GB of RAM or up.

Browsing Acceleration Faster delivery and presentation of web pages by compressing web pages on the server, and pre-loading pages in the background. Add-on Platform Add or remove add-ons as you please to get advanced-personalized internet browsing experience. Download Management Powerful download management, supports multi-tasking downloading and UDisk (Permanent storage space on UCweb's server). Customized Themes and Wallpapers You can change the way your UC Browser looks by downloading themes and wallpapers from the UC Theme Center.

More Features:
Extended language and font support.
Web Application Centre.
Image Viewer feature.
UC Home screen Widget.

Download UC Browser 9.6 for Android for android via Google Play Store by visiting this link.

Google play Link

Or downlaod apk file here: Apk File

Note: UC Browser should be compatible with all devices that have installed Android 2.2 or up.

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