Google Analytics gives insights you need to understand current user experience. It also shows how the traffic to your site is influenced by social media shares, likes, tweets, etc. This tutorial (An Excrepts from Google Official Blog) will help you understand why site speed is important for an improved user experience, how to identify webpages of your site the most AdSense revenue, and how to refine your social media marketing/presence strategy measuring the impact social media has on your website goals.

1. Improve User Experience By Improving Site Speed

Faster pages lead to better user experience and improved interactions. The Site Speed reports in Google Analytics give you detailed data on the speed of your website pages, as experienced by users/visitors. Ensuring fast page load is below the average can help you differentiate your site, analyze and speed up your site using PageSpeed products, and check the resulting improvements in Site Speed reports.

2. Using Adsense Pages Report To Discover Which Pages Gives You More Bucks 

The AdSense Pages report provides data about which pages on your blog or website contribute most to your AdSense revenue. With the insights from this Adsense data, you can replicate successful implementations on well performing pages on other parts of your website.

3. Refine Social Media Strategy using Social Traffic Sources Report

Social buzz is very important for many publishers to build their audience and retain loyalty and engagement with customers and visitors. It also popularise your blog, thereby getting your quality traffic. Social reports in Google Analytics help you measure the impact social media has on your blog and website goals. With this report, you can track the number of visitors that comes to your blog via social media channels, measure the value of those channels by tracking conversions and AdSense revenue, and examine how your blog content is being shared across all social networks like facebook, twitter, googleplus, etc.

With all these reports and tools, your blog and websites can achieve the goals for which your created it for. Google webmaster tools have been updated to Analytics give insights you need to understand current user experience. It also shows how the traffic to your site is influenced by social media shares, likes and tweets.

I hope this tutorial help you. Please drop your comments if you have any suggestions or difficulty using webmaster. Feel free to share.

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