Are you having difficulties in getting an approved adsense account? Today  I am going to show you how to own an adsense account with the help of Youtube.

This trick rocks. Tried it on a friend"s blog.

Follow The Below Steps To Get Started

Goto and create a new gmail account.
Then use the new account you created to sign in to After signing in to youtube with the new email you created, upload at least three to five videos (videos must be yours or youtube will mark it out) to your youtube account. You can video yourself while doing something and upload it to youtube.

Important note: Ensure you add good title and description tag to the video.

Try to get at least 300 views on all the videos. (Not a criterria though, but necessary). You can use social media like facebook, whatsapp or BBM.
On youtube, click on the small arrow near the “upload” button, then click “video manager” >> “change settings” Click on “Enable” besides “Monetization” Click “Enable my account” Tick all the boxes and click the “I accept” button.
In the new page that appears, select your ad formats and click on the “Monetize” button.
You will receive a message in your inbox telling you that your Youtube account is ready for monetization.

Go back to Chanel settings >> Monetization Click on “How will I be paid”? (Associate adsense account) you will be taken to where you will create an adsense account Fill the form correctly with your real name and address.

Lastly, wait for 24 hours and check your mail.
You will receive a mail telling you that your Adsense account has been approved.

I hope this works for you. Drop your comments below.

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