What is Jo HTML5 Framework?

Jo HTML5 Framework is a simple HTML5 framework app, an open source mobile application framework that centers on the HTML5. It supports users for the maintenance of different platforms such as Symbian,
Chrome, Safari, Android, WebOS, iOS and Dashboard widgets. The framework has small size and has no dependencies, attuned with different JS frameworks. This covers PhoneGap and enhances the chance to maintain web apps and native apps together. This is amazingly documented and covers on all levels.

Purpose of the Jo – HTML5 Framework

The basic purpose of the Jo HTML5 framework is to work for apps not websites. The HTML5 app live in a solo page and Jo facilitates people to create an app alike native experience. No doubt, there is some DOM treatment moving on in there rather one has no need to be worried regarding it unless he desire to. Create your app with tweak, CSS, JavaScript and memorize it as a day.

Usage of Jo – HTML5 Framework

  • Cuddle JavaScript’s object model and slackly typed nature
  • Influenced CSS3 for attractive show off and animation as possible
  • Give a continuous and modular event among all objects in the app.
  • Cover up DOM and device –particular into an interconnected gesture system
  • Wadded developers from several persistent storage solutions
  • Perform in an elegant style with other libraries such as PhoneGap
  • For the code ninja types, Jo gives you most of the benefits of some of the big frameworks out there without all the fuss.
This is designed to manage different applications rather it will play in an amazing way with a blend of latest and old web development tools and techniques. This deploys HTML5 as a development mound and does not need direct DOM manipulation.

Things You Must Know

Jo is a full fledge JavaScript Framework for HTML5 competent devices and browsers. The purpose of its design is to work on mobile platforms as light data layers and GUI on the first PhoneGap. From its unset, Jo is being tested successfully as a lightweight framework for Dashboard widgets, newer desktop browsers and even the mobile browsers as well.

Jo lets CSS3 do the heavy lifting

With a couple minor exceptions, Jo manipulates the DOM by setting CSS className properties. This means you can dramatically change not only the look of your app in CSS, but all of the animated bits as well. If you want a branded look for your app across platforms, tweak the CSS once and you're done.

Ultra-tweakable with CSS3

If you want to customize your app's look and feel for each platform, most if not all of your customization will be in the CSS. If you're lucky enough to have CSS-savvy designer types on hand, this means you can more easily split up that work, too.
Jo is Open Source and free to use. And you're free to contribute as well. Just fork it, add some goodness, and make a pull request.

Building and Structure Maintenance.

This is very easy and simple to create your own as you want rather to avail the maximum out of it one must require a minifier same as jsmin or the stunning YUI compressor. Gzipped and Minified , jo weighs about 9k with no other JavaScript by library dependencies. If you are the one who do not want build up the library by yourself there is nothing wrong while on your downloading the most recent stable release all built and exclusively ready to plugin in from.

Here is the Official Download Link for the Framework

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