Just of recent something got my attention while I was about replying a comment on my blog. I noticed that Google is making tons of new updates and releasing them one by one. What could that be? Blogger Comment Editor Got New Shape. 

Yes, blogger team has applied the new comment editor to all the blogs which looks similar to Google+ Comment system or in other words, you can say that it has Google Plus theme. Take a look at bottom of this post and checkout new comment editor, if you are a regular commentator, you will notice the change.

Take a look at the image below.
Few months ago, I learnt that the Blogger Team introduced a new comment editor which also looked similar to Google Plus but it withdrawn due to several reasons. The editor had some bugs like not working in all major browsers.
Here is a Time-Line screenshot of the Blogger Comment Editor box evolution (or do we say metamorphosis).

Below, I'm going to show you three comment editors first one will be default which was made when Blogger was born, second one is which was updated about some months ago and last is the latest which is released just few moments ago.

Blogger's Old Comment Editor

Comment Editor - Released Some Ago But Unsuccessful : Image Credits :
 The Most Latest Comment Editor Which Is Released Few Moments Ago.

Blogger New Comment Editor

This new comment editor's is adapted from Google+ and with some stylish and beautiful look. This editor has been applied on all the blogs which are being managed on Blogger.

1 >> It has comment input box which also has the drag icon the bottom right corner by which you can increase the height of that box.

2 >> It has "Comment as" option where people will choose their profile for commenting and it also has the "Sign Out" button at the middle right side.

3 >> In the footer, there are two buttons in the left side, one is the "Publish" button and the other one is "Preview" button. These button people can post or preview the comment to see what it will looks like before publishing it.

4 >> The "Notify me" check box. This replaced the "Subscribe To Feed" button in the former Comment Editor Box. If this button is marked or clicked, the commentator will get notified when they will get replies or new comments on the particular post. It also helps to increase the comment feed subscribers which is even best for all us who use blogger.

How's New Comment Editor?

I think it is still in under construction or just a minor upgrade because there was no official update post or press release about this on Blogger Buzz the official blogger blog like they did when the GooglePlus Comment system was introduced for Blogger Blogs.

Tell us about this editor in comments below... Yeah, I think you should also leave a comment below for the sake of testing it :) lol
 Got any comment or suggestion? Drop it below in the comment box. Don't forge to share this with friends.  - See more at:
Got any comment or suggestion? Drop it below in the comment box. Don't forge to share this with friends.  - See more at:

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