AuthorRank is your reputation as a verified author that will influence how well the content you create performs in Google’s search results. It displays your Author Profile Pix At The Left of Any Search Result Related To Your Blog or Website.

Today, I gonna show you what…
·         AuthorRank is,
·         How It Works, and
·         How You Can Get Started.

Wanna know what AuthorRank is?
Wanna know how it can help your blog site in search engine rankings?  
If yes, then you are about to learn what I Termed The Three (3) Top Secrets About AuthorRank And also why creating informative content is so important for your website/blog’s SEO optimization.

AuthorRank, What Is It?

It is a new metric, recently introduced by Google to recognize the author of a specific blog. Google identifies what subject area the author writes about the most, who the aruthor is, and how dominant and famous they are in that area.
Google is in need of filtering out the quality from the inferiority, so to speak now because content is being produced on a vast scale and then distributed on an even wider scale.
There are a number of factors in place to how authoritative an author is, such as the number of followers you have on social networks, and how often the content you publish gets shared.

Getting Started.

This is where the Google+ social platform comes in, as you will need to tie in Google+ with your content, establishing the valid connection between author and content.
Establish control of the content you have written and published, this will help in building up your Google AuthorRank.

Set Yourself Up

To get started you some personal set up to prepare for Google AuthorRank. Check out the link below.

That is the most important implementation you will need to make, as it will connect your Google+ profile to the content your are creating and publishing.  By creating this connection, you will see highlighted results that will drive higher click through.
In the past year Google have updated the way you link content (it’s a lot less confusing), all you need to do is head over to the Google Authorship page and check that the first 3 points have been completed. Once completed you need to verify that you have an email address on the same domain as your content.
Even if you don’t have an email address that relates to the domain the content is published on, all you need do is to link your content to your Google+ profile page.
1.      Create a link from your site to your Google+ page:
<a href=”[profile_url]?rel=author”>Google</a>
2.      Then in your Google+ profile, head to the Contributor To section and click edit. Now you can add a custom link to the site as a reciprocal method. Don’t forget to click save.
Once the link has been established and verified, you should start to see your headshot pop-up alongside the content that you have published on the Internet. Like mine below:

Are You Setup?
Here Now Are The 3 Top Secrets To AuthorRank Success

I have left the best to last, as we wanted you to understand what AuthorRank is, what it can do, and get yourself setup before we discussed the secrets to building up your AuthorRank.
There are 3 secrets that can be broken down into different sections.

Secret #1 – Social Media Presence Improvement
If you have produced quality content, then now is the time to start shouting about it. I mean literally, get on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and share it. The chances are that at least one person will pick it up and comment, and as soon as you get that comment it will start the ball rolling for you.
  1. How many comments did your content generate?
  2. Who commented on your content?
  3. Did those who commented on your content have expertise in that topic?
  4. Were the comments on your content of high-quality?
  5. Were the comments on your content of a positive sentiment?
Secret #2 – Create And Publish High Quality Content That Is Both Informative, Resourceful and Original
Don’t just write content for the sake of it, put your heart and soul into what you write and you will be rewarded. If you find what you are writing about boring, then your reader will. If you have something interesting and controversial to say then you are likely to get that content shared, retweeted and +1’d.
  1. How often is your content shared?
  2. How quickly is your content shared?
  3. Who shared your content?
  4. Did those who shared your content have expertise in that topic?
  5. Do the same people always share your content?
Secret #3 – Stand On The Shoulders Of The Pro`S
If there is a collection of influential people in the sector you are writing for, then reach out to them for their thoughts or comments. One comment, retweet or +1 from someone that has a big presence in your industry could be the ideal starting point.
Just like reaching out on Twitter with @NAME you can do the same on Google+, just swap the @ with a +
  1. How often is your content endorsed? (+1, Like, RT’d)
  2. Who endorsed your content?
  3. Did those endorsing your content have expertise in that topic?
  4. Do the same people always endorse your content?
AuthorRank will change the way we see search results in Google so it’s important to get started by linking your content to your name.
Remember, it is only a matter of time before we really start to see AuthorRank kick in, so don’t be left in the dark.

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